Recently the Warrah Village Rudolf Steiner School for Curative Education invited the Sydney School of Japanese Swordsmanship to give a talk and demonstration in Nakamura ryu battodo and tameshigiri. The School offers curative education to "children in need of special care" and it was heart-warming to see their enthusiasm and the many questions they had for Paul and me. In return for our demo we received permission to come and use up all the bamboo on their land, giving us a year round supply of much needed cutting-material

Warrah Village Demo, Dural 12.06.07

Sensei Fricke and sho-dan Paul Marlow with teachers & students of the Warrah Village School

A swordsman's dream come true - unlimited bamboo to cut.

Paul and I could not resist the temptation and after the demo we checked out the bamboo grove and did some impromptu cutting.

Oh what a feeling - bamboo at last.

Demosntration of nakamura ryu batto-do kumitachi & hashu no noto by Hans Fricke & Paul Marlow.

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