Japanese Cultural Activities
Sakura Matsuri 2008, Cowra Japanese Garden.

Gagaku, Imperial Court Music

Official Dinner with the Japanese Consul-General at the Cowra Services Club.

An invitation for a rare photo session by
5 Tokyo Geisha.
Japanese Tea Ceremony...  
and some more great shots.
Team members take advantage of the 
 beautiful scenery.
Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System Demo
Meet the local Koto Players

Kite Flying

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Geiko,Tokyo Geisha performing in the Garden.

A true master piece; blending Australian landscapes with Japanese garden design.

All photos contributed by Sei Do Kan students & family.

Nakamura Ryu Battodo Demonstration Team 2008
Hans Fricke sensei, Mat Rous, David Cottle, Gemma Cuneo, John & Gavin Volpato.