FRICKE A C R Y L I C Landscape- & Portrait Artist

Here is a small selection of Acrylic paintings by renown Japanese sword-master Hans Fricke who, at age 84, discovered his hidden talent for painting during the last Sydney lock-down in 2021.
Still teaching the Japanese sword art of Nakamura Ryu Battodo Happogiri Toho, he now, in his free time, also practises the art of   landscape- and portrait painting.

If you wish to own a FRICKE ACRYLIC ,
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Full moon with couple, 2021

Morning mist, 2021

Ocean view, 2021

They call me Tino, 2021

Outback flower power at the lake, 2021

Outback gumtrees at the lake, 2021

Outback cottage, 2021

Mt. Fuji with village and boat, 2021


Frankie,   2021

Suki,   2022

A crackel of sulfur-crested cockatoos,   2022

A walk through the woods,   2022

Owl under nite-sky,   2022

Sydney  2022: Rain - Storms - Floods

Sunset and kangaroos, 2022

Cattle at outback water-hole, 2023

Sunshine in the forest, 2023

Who is the boss here? , 2023

Bridge across pond, 2023