Dundas Valley NSW 2117 (UBD192 H10)
1st Dundas Scout Hall
Cnr.Yates Avenue & Fullford Street


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Beginners  &  Advanced Classes (Adult classes only).


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In joining Australia's original and most progressive Nakamura Ryu Battodo School you will learn SHIZAN the art of target-cutting, KUMITACHI fencing-drills, KATA sword-drills, JUKENDO  sword v bayonet drills and
 BATTODO the art of drawing and cutting with the sword in one swift action.

Imperial Japanese Military Drill Uniform

Shizan the art of target-cutting: slicing through five rolled up tatami-omote.

established 2001 by Nakamura Taizaburo soke and hanshi 10th-dan.

"To maintain a high standard in
Toyama- & Nakamura Ryu Battodo
you must teach only a small number of students."

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Following the late Master NakamuraTaizaburo's teachings: