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Tanren - physical conditioning with a heavy wooden pole.

Tanren ; training with a wooden bat/pole .
For strengthening exercises, especially for the wrists, arms, back, abdomen and hips, a heavy bat or pole tanren-bo is used in swordsmanship training. The weight can vary from 1.5 – 2.5 kg, depending on a person's condition and is usually of octagonal shape, 6 x 6 cm and about 90 cm long with a handle shaped like a katana's.

 exercises  are performed slowly and deliberately, stopping after each movement so as to get maximum workout for each designated muscle group. Fast and jerky movements are discouraged as they could damage tendons and ligaments; especially the ones in the hip, elbow and shoulder.

Done with proper breathing and focus a tanren can help develop good posture, a strong sword grip and great cutting-power

Autographed and signed tanrenbo presented to Hans Fricke by Nakamura sensei 2002

A tanrenbo workout can consist of many different exercises. This animation, with student Stanley Ma, shows some of the basic ones.