Spear v Sword partner drills SO-JUTSU  

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So-jutsu the art of the spear. 

The spear yari had an important role in early Japanese Mythology, but  became only popular during the feudal period as it was cheaper to make and required, in comparison to other weapons-systems (sword, bow etc.), a much shorter time of training.

Before the Mongol invasion in the 13 th century the spear wasn't very popular amongst samurai; they mainly fought on horseback using bow and arrow kyudo and, when in close quarter, the sabre katana.

The yari's popularity increased enormously during the 15 th century when foot-soldiers ashigari were used in close formations; combining the spear with the newly introduced firearms.

Out of the original 450 schools only a handful exists today teaching the art of the spear.

In Nakamura Ryu Batto-do the yari techniques are incorporated/combined with jukendo bayonet-fighting techniques .