Rhee International Tae Kwon Do Australia 1970 - 1979

Impromptu flying side piercing kick Twimyo Yopcha jirugi by Hans Fricke and flying turning kick Twimyo dollyo chagi by Stephen Yip, Sydney 1981

In dedication: a black felt-pen sketch of Master Rhee Chong Chul by Hans Fricke. 1982

Australian Tae Kwon Do Federation Instructors Certificate, 1974

Hans Fricke, after having met Master Rhee in Perth WA in 1970, became his personal student for the next 8 years and  in '73 established the first Rhee International Tae Kwon Do Centre in Brisbane Street, Surrey Hills and, till his retirement in '78, held the position of manager  for RITA in Sydney.

Having trained exclusively in Judo and Goju Karate before, Hans became an enthusiastic student of Rhee-TKD where he received a 2nd degree black belt, an instructors license, and was made a RITA Senior Instructor.

Father of Australian Tae Kwon Do
master Rhee Chong Chul in action.
Malaysia late 60s.

Rhee International Tae Kwon Do Federation Degree Certificate, 1976.

Flying side thrusting kick Twimyo Yopcha Tulgi by Hans Fricke.
Sydney, Hyde Park 1974.

Twin foot kick Sangbal-Chagi attacking two targets by Hans Fricke.
Sydney, Hyde Park 1974.

Front rising kick Ap-cha Ollgi by Hans Fricke.
Sydney, Hyde Park 1974.

Jumping side thrusting kick Twimyo Yopcha Tulgi  by Hans Fricke with Stephen Yip.
Sydney, Centennial Park 1981.

An instructors night-out 1977
Clockwise: Hans Fricke; masters Rhee Chong Chul and Rhee Chong Yoon; David Gotley; Trevor Geoghan and Mr. Pak

Rhee International Tae Kwon Do Demonstration at the Adelaide Apollo Stadium S.A. 1972.
2nd row seated:
1 Vernon Low chief instructor S.A.
2 Master Rhee Chong Chul.
3 S.A. Minister for Agriculture Mr. Tom Casey and honory RITA black belt.
4 Consul general and wife, Republic of Korea.
5 Master Rhee Chong Hyup..

Back row standing:
6 Hans Fricke 







July Grading, Sydney 1974
Master Rhee Chong Hyup 3rd row far right and Senior Instructor Hans Fricke 3rd row far left.

Copies of some old Polorid training photos taken by Mrs. M. Wollmann in 1975 at the Brisbane Street Training Centre.
Hans Fricke; flying high kick
Twimyo Nopi Chagi ...
flying twin foot kick Twimyo Sangbal Chagi ...
and overhead kick  Twio Nomo Chagi over a chair.

RITA Award

RITA Award

Receiving 2nd degree black belt in RITA from master Rhee Chong Yoon next to master Rhee Chong Hyup. Photo by master Rhee Chong Chul.
RITA Centre, Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 1976. 

Class of 1978.
RITA Instructors at the Elizabeth Street  RITA Centre, Sydney.
L to r: Geoffrey Stubbs 2nd dan; Brian Bambah 1st dan; Hans Fricke 2nd dan; Master Rhee Chong Yoon; Chua Chong San 2nd dan; Trevor Geoghan 2nd dan; Paul 1st dan.
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Master Rhee Chong Chul & Hans Fricke Kyoshi
 17 April 2016

Special Advisor
Rhee Tae Kwon-Do

 Hans Fricke  Curriculum Vitae

A great present from world-master Rhee Chong Chul.
June 2016