INALA Supporting OXFAM Concert
NakamuraRyu Battodo Demo
13 August 2010

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This concert was held at Inala to support Oxfam Australia, which is part of a global movement of dedicated people working hard to fight poverty and injustice.

Inala is a Rudolf Steiner organisation supporting individuals with disabilities. Established in 1958, Inala, meaning 'place of peace', has acquired a reputation for excellence and quality in the services and support provided. Services include Day and Vocational Programs and Residential Services.
Kumitachi; Hans Fricke sensei & Gavin Volpato sho-dan
So-jutsu; Hans Fricke sensei & Ben Chou sho-dan
Fencing-drill; Hans Fricke sensei & Ben Chouw sho-dan
Photos;  John Volpato
The Concert was well attended and the non-stop entertainment kept the audience enthralled through-out the evening with a variety of musical presentations, comic interludes, dance-routines, skill-displays and a demo in Nakamura Ryu Battodo.