R34 GT-R Cruise and Show'n Shine

HPI & BOOST Magazine Photo-shoot with Hans Fricke sensei & Ni-dan David Cottle.

Some 75 cars at a total value of $34,500,000 went on show on 'The Avenue' at Mt. Wilson NSW, 26 April 2009. Participants arrived in three convoys from as far away as Victoria and Tasmania and all to just show off their R34 GT-R's and to be judges for best Engine Bay, best R34 GT-R, best Interior, best R34 GTT/GTV, best Paintwork and best original Car.

The topic of the regatta had a Japanese theme with Yuka-san in full kimono while Fricke sensei and sho-dan Dave where asked to help with a photo-shoot for HPI Magazine due to be released in August 2009.

Special thanks to Andrew, chief editor of HPI & Boost magzaine, and Terry and Eugene for their invitation and organising the event under somewhat freezing and, at times, very windy conditions; except for a 3 second drizzle the weather held, allowing the sun to rise the core-temperature to every ones comfort-zone.

The day ended with a short demo in Nakamura Ryu Batto-do by Hans sensei and Dave, performing kumitachi kata 1-6, bokken fencing drills, and a short tameshigiri display in single and partner precision cutting.

Photos: Terry Tung-Yep / Hans Fricke / Alisa Cottle (C) 2009

Enjoying the cold mountain air.                  Red and white spotted toad-stools.                 Waiting for the cars to arrive.                           The first group of 10 cars arrives.                     Dressed and ready to rumble.
     Off to view some cars.                                Photo shoot for HPI Magazine                           Waiting for instructions.
Photo-shoot for HPI Magazine.                       Certificates of appreciation .                             Photo-shoot for HPI Magazine
Nakamura Ryu Battodo demo.                       Photo-shoot for HPI Magazine.                        Nakamura Ryu Battodo demo. 

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