The Australian Battodo Association and its members endeavor to encourage, foster, preserve and promote
 the Japanese sword art of Nakamura Ryu Battodo (Nakamura ryu Batto-do Happo-giri To-ho) in Australia.

Australian Battodo Association
Black Belt (Dan) Registry

Listed below all active & inactive Dan-registrants awarded by the Australian Battodo Association for 2006-2018.
Names in bold are financial & active Australian Battodo Association black-belts.

Hachi-dan (8th dan black belt)
Hans Fricke

Yon-dan (4th-dan black belt)
Ben Chow
- 2016; Sei Do Kan Instructor 2015

San-dan (3rd dan black belt)

Ni-dan (2nd dan black belt)
Paul Marlow - 2009
David Cottle - 2009
Gavin Volpato 2012
John Volpato - 2013
Greg McEwan - 2013
Abraham Sie - 2017

Sho-dan (1st dan black belt)
Mat Rous - 2006
Gemma Cuneo - 2008
Alex Ward - 2009
Philip Pulle - 2009
Jonathan Lim - 2012
Peter Stewart-Jones - 2015

Michael Tang - 2012
Carol Hoh - 2016
Peter Hun Mead - 2016

Calvin Chiu - 2018
Vito Trentadue - 2018

Martin Laudimaris
- 2013: Bandung Indonesia, study-group leader.

Executive Committee 2018- 2019
Updated 28 August 2018
Founder & President for Life - Hans Fricke,  AMAHOF & WKUHOF 2010 Inductee
President & Public Officer - Gregory McEwan
Vice President - Gavin Volpato
Secretary - Abraham Sie
Treasurer - Ben Chow,
Executive Members - John Volpato - Carol Hoh

KEN KON Spirit of the Sword
Calligraphy by the late Soke Nakamura Taizaburo, Hanshi 10th-dan Batto-do

Updated 27 October 2017

ABA Technical Board & Dan Grading Panel
Updated 28 November 2018

Hans Fricke         Chairman & Chief Examiner
Benjamin Chow     Senior Member
John Volpato        Member
Gavin Volpato       Member
Greg McEwan        Member
Abraham Sie         Member

In Memory of
Nakamura Taizaburo

Soke Nakamura Ryu Battodo Happo Giri To-ho
Hanshi 10th dan Battodo

ABA affiliated dojos and study-groups
Updated 1 July 2017

Sei Do Kan dojo, Dundas Valley NSW 2117, Australia
Study-group, 20162 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia


Order of the Rising Sun
8 th class
for distinguished achievements:
Japanese culture.* 

Order of the Sacred Treasure
7th class
in rcognition for services
in promoting the
martial arts. *

* Source: Wikipedia; Kenshinkan

Honorary Life-time members
Paul Marlow 2015

Australia's only Nakamura Ryu Battodo Dojo
established 2001 in 'direct line' by Nakamura Taizaburo Soke & Hanshi 10th dan Battodo.

SO-JUTSU  (Nakamura-ha) performed by Ben Chow at his yon-dan grading 2016 with Hans Fricke sensei .
Photo: Mark Eaves

The ABA Australian Battodo Association Inc. is fully  independent and as such not affiliated to any other organization.